Energy Performance Certificate (In Italian: APE)

APE Energy Performance Certificate (ex ACE) of a building is a document drawn up and issued by a certified certifying body in accordance with current legislation, which certifies the energy consumption of the home, assigning it an energy class, with values ​​that go from A4 (maximum efficiency) to G (lower efficiency).
The winter and summer energy performance of the building are also indicated in the APE. This information is provided qualitatively via a graphical quality level indicator.
This document is MANDATORY in the event of:
  • new construction
  • to advertise real estate ads
  • for notarial deeds of sale
  • for lease contracts 
Because the price difference per square meter from a Class A house to a Class E house is 450 € per m², which translates, for a 100 m² apartment, into a 45,000 € of difference!
CPMS has qualified professionals (certification bodies) in the drafting of the APE.
We carry out an inspection, data analysis and preparation of the Certificate with possible identification of critical aspects and proposal of solutions to improve the energy class, bringing it even to the highest levels.

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