The TELECOMMUNICATION sector is considered internationally as a driving sector of the economy in the coming years.
In its various articulations it represents the development direction of a large part of technological innovation, provides the basic tools for the modernization of companies and represents a fundamental channel for the creation of new activities in the small and medium industry.
Our TEAM is made up of people with more than twenty years of experience in this sector, and boasts relationships with the largest operators of mobile phone network.

We offer the following services, individual or integrated and coordinated, with great competence and professionalism:
                                • Architectural and Urban Planning;
                                • Static Design;
                                • Plant Design;
                                • Safety at work (Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008);
                                • Construction supervision;
                                • Static tests;
                                • Specific Environmental Studies;
                                • Building Practices for Enabling Titles and for Landscape Authorizations;
                                • Electromagnetic Impact Analysis.


CPMS, after the structural verification carried out by our team, carries out structural reinforcement projects to secure polygonal poles, flanges or existing pylons.
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