CPMS, with the skills of our team, will make you discover the world of e-mobility, supporting you in the design of the public or private charging station.
Considering that in Italy expansion of E-MOBILITY is imminent, numerous opportunities are created, in fact it becomes advantageous to install electric charging points in many contexts, among which:
  • in your accommodation (Hotel, restaurant, B & B, camping, village, etc.) to attract customers, offering an innovative (exclusive) service and this for the owners of electric cars, will make the difference in the choice. 
  • in the parking of your company at the service of your employees, customers or visitors, to convey an image of a modern company
  • in the parking of a building or in any other structure to make it "modern" and increase its commercial value 
  • to your home, if you intend to buy an electric car or to equip the house with a service that will become indispensable in the future
  • in your gas station, if you are a manager and you have to build a new plant

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